Laying now at the newly opened High-Roller venue at The LinQ in Las Vegas, it's Bugsy's Dream....The allegorical account of the influential Vegas figure Bugsy Siegel, it kicks off with a streak of light hitting him in the eye...... Is it inspiration, an idea or a bullet?
Six -3 minute videos by different artists- inaugurating this unique venue, come alive onto a canvas 120 foot long - 270 degree of curvature screen, utilizing 6 projectors running uncompressed edge-blended media.
Commissioned by Caesar's via the Hettema Group (Architects and designers of the venue and wheel) media designed and executed by Paint By Numbers Studio.
Executive Creative Director- Phil Hettema - The Hettema Group
Media designer, Director- Gus Stone - Paint By Numbers Studio
Lead designer and animator- Ben Tang - Paint by Numbers Studio
Designer / animator, Issak Mendelsohn - Paint By Numbers Studio.
Media producer, Lucy Wolsborn - Paint By Numbers Studio
Music composer - Andy Garfield - Lightning in a Bottle
Live shoot-Performers:
Bugsy Siegel/Shadow Enemy - Chris Downey
Show Girl in black - Kasmira Buchanan
Show Girl in pink - Stephanie Crothers 
Dance Choreography - Kasmira Buchanan
Produces, Ira Stone - Todd Mazer
DP - Johnny Simmons, ASC
Stylist/costuming - Jeanine Mckirnan, Kim Debus
Production Assistant - Annie Leonard
Director - Gus Stone